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Diet and Digestion

Diet and Digestion

Author: Dr.Milind Kumavat

Diet and Digestion

·    One teaspoon of grated fresh ginger with a        
  pinch of salt is a good appetizer.

·    Drinking lassi (buttermilk) with a pinch of 
ginger or cumin powder helps digestion.

·    A teaspoon of ghee with rice helps digestion.

·    A glass of raw, warm milk with ginger taken at
bedtime is nourishing to the body and 
calms the mind.

·    Overeating is unhealthy.

·    Drinking water immediately before or after 
taking food adversely affects digestion.

·    Prolonged fasting is unhealthy.

·    Consuming excess water may produce obesity.

·    Excess intake of cold drinks reduces
 resistance and creates excess mucus.

·    Store water in copper vessel or put copper
 pennies in the water. This water is good for 
the liver and spleen.

·    Taking a nap after lunch will increase
 kapha and body weight.

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