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Cancer - Ayurveda Treatment

Cancer - Ayurveda Treatment

Cancer - Ayurveda Treatment; In this special blog we will deal with cancer with special reference to Rasayana. Rasayana drugs effect direct enrichment of the nutritional quality of Rasa (the nutrient plasma) which are directly added to the pool of nutrition and in turn help in improved tissue nourishment.
Cancer - Ayurveda Treatment

Rasayana Tantram 

The art of medicine was born with the birth of first man. It had to be human body was subjected to the Strife, internal as well as external, right
from the beginning ‘Avoid Pain’ have been one of the earliest pre occupations
of the man kind. All the nature is subject to continuous modification. Nothing
stands still. The cycles of creation, sustenance and then destruction go on as
per the nature's clock.
Human body is a miracle of the nature. Body is a self-maintaining,
regulating, correcting wonder machine of nature. Only when some of our
organs are abused due to our own folly, the disease gets a foothold. Violation
of natural laws of the health is responsible for more than 90% of the diseases.
The ancient system of medicine has a theory of natural homeostasis
which states that the dhatu come to normalcy automatically irrespective of any external causative factors. (Ca. Su. 16/27).
This is similar to the belief has been later on attributed to Hippocrates
that :
"The sick body falls into play natural forces that tend to restore the
disturbed equilibrium and re-establish health"
All things are arranged in the body in a fashion comfortable to itself, by energy, a copy of the whole (cosmos), the small after the manner of the great and the great after the manner of the small. The Ayurvedic Canvas, vast as it was, gave preeminence to the stream of interactions between the world within and without the human body. The homology of the five elements in medication on the one hand and in the body constituents on the other, has profound implications in the
practice of medicine. Disorders of the body are the manifestations  of perturbations in the equilibrium of body constituents including Doshas
perturbation involves the increase or decrease of Dhatus which are restored to the normal range by administering substances with qualities opposed to those of the vitiated Dhatus and Doshas. It was pointed out that the quality of Rasa (taste), Rasa after digestion (Vipaka), Veerya (potency) and specific effective action (Prabhava) of drugs were responsible for their action on the body. Nutrition and its transportation in the body such a state of improved nutrition is claimed to lead to series of secondary attributes and immunity against disease, increased vitality, lusture of the body and mental competence these all are established functions of Ayurvedic Rasayana drugs. Rasayana drugs effect direct enrichment of the nutritional quality of Rasa (the nutrient plasma) which are directly added to the pool of nutrition and in turn help in improved tissue nourishment. Improving Agni-Vyapara which vitalizes metabolic activity resulting inturn to improved nutritional status and also promoting the competence of Srotasa causes the better bioavailability of nutrients to the tissues and improved tissue perfusion.
रसायनतन्त्र नाम
वयः स्थापनमायुर्मेधाबलकरः रोगपहरण समर्थ 
Rasayana means the pathway for essence of food stuffs towards all
body tissue elements so as to nourish and replenish them

Vayahsthapanam : Varshashatayah Sthapanam (Dalahana).
Enables a person to complete his normal life span of 100 years.

Ayushkaram – Shataadhikam Karoti [Dalhana;Su.Su.1/3].
i.e. it increases the life span beyond 100 years.

Medha Karam - i.e. which promotes intellect.

Bala Karam - i.e. which promotes body strength.

Rogapaharanam Smartham  i.e. which helps in curing the diseases.
The therapy which establishes the young age, promotes longevity,
intellect and physical strength and enables a person to fight out his disease is
known as Rasayana. Rasayana is one by which Rasa, Raktadi Dhatus get benefited through proper nourishment.


1.     Mode of administration          
2.     Aims and objects       
3.     Mode of action

·        Mode of administration          

Vatatapika                             Kuti   Pravishaka

·        Aims and objects

·        Mode of action

Naimittika------------------- Particular diseases= as a Immunity promoters

Naimittika Rasayana :

The concept of Naimittika Rasayana emerges in Sushruta Samhita and
is more clearly stated by Dalhana. In the care and cure of specific diseases is
on unique idea and adds newer dimensions of Rasayana Tantra.
Acharya Charaka has amplified the scope of the term Chikitsa as -
viz. - The mere removal of the causative factors of the disease may not always
result in the total removal of the disease as such, because the effects of the
disease may still continue to be operative. Hence, in this view, Chikitsa aims
not only at the radical removal of the causative factors of the disease, but also
aims at the restoration of the Doshika equilibrium and established Dhatu
Samyata. The radiotherapy and chemotherapy used for management of cancer
thought to deal with the basic pathology of the disease, but they leave behind
an array of sufferings. These sufferings deteriorate the quality of life of cancer
patients. Rasayana drugs restore Doshika disequilibrium and nourish Dhatu.
So, the aim of Rasayana therapy as adjuvant therapy under going
radiotherapy and chemotherapy of cancer patients is not only to add years in
the life, but also to add life in years what ever they have.


In Charaka Samhita, four groups of drugs have been mentioned which
are directly connected with Rasayana function i.e.

1.     Balya
2.     Jeevaniya
3.     Brihmaneeya
4.     Vayahasthapana
Rasayana drugs acts at various level and establish physical strength
and protect the body against deleterious effect of radiotherapy &
chemotherapy. All the function of Dushya, Srotasa and Agni are directly dependent upon equilibrium of Doshas. At the same time Rasayana drugs must take care
of Agni because Charaka has clearly stated that Jatharagni is a base for
enthusiasm, anabolism, Dhatwagnis ojas and energy. (Ca.Su.27/343).
Strength, health, longevity and vital breath are dependent upon the power of digestion including metabolism [Ca. Su. 27/342)], thus stimulation of the Jatharagni constitutes an ideal means to achieve the desired effect of
Rasayana therapy, since the balanced Jatharagni is main thing for all other
agni in the body including the Panchabhutagni and the Dhatwagni, improved
quality of agni naturally brings about the improved quality of nutrient in cooperation. 

Rasayana drugs also correct the tissue nutrition [Dhatu Vyapara]. It
will act at the level of Dhatu which is primarily responsible for the
transportation of nutrients to the rest of the body with their homologous
qualities, enrich the Rasa there by enriching the whole body and shift the
physiological process in the direction of homeostasis balance with this all

Modern Explanation regarding Pharmacological Activities of RasayanaDrugs :

In the light of the modern medical science, many scientists are trying to
find out the logics for the possible explanation regarding the pharmacology of
Rasayana drugs. Drugs like Amalaki, Ashwagandha, Guduchi, Yashtimadhu,
Jivanti, Tulasi and Pippali have been extensively tried at clinical and
experimental level.
On the basis of various researches following mode of action can be
considered for the explanation of Rasayana effect of herbal drugs.
 Anti oxidant

 Immuno modulator

Anti Oxidant :

Free radicals are fundamental to any biochemical process and represent
on essential part of aerobic life and our metabolism. They are continuously
produced by the body's normal use to oxygen such as respiration and some
cell mediated immune functions. They are also found or generated through
radiation- Radiotherapy.
However, the amount of these protective anti-oxidant principles present under the normal physiological conditions are sufficient only to cope with the physiological rate of free radical generation. It is obvious, therefore that any additional burden of free radicals either from Radiotherapy like external cause or produce within the body can lead imbalance the free radical
(pro-oxidant) and anti-free-radical (antioxidant) leading to oxidative stress,
which may result in tissue injury and subsequent adverse condition.
Research in the recent past has accumulated growing body of evidences to show that enrichment of body systems with natural antioxidant
principles may correct the vitiated homeostasis. Flavonoids as antioxidant having multiple properties of these phytochemicals made them more attractive, as they can modulate various aspect of disease like lipid peroxidation involved in cytokinase release in normal cell with use of chemotherapeutic agents in cancer management. Flavonoids release H2O2 by donating a hydrogen atom from their pyrogallol or chatechol structure to oxygen level of enzymatic antioxidants like catalyze and other H2O2 removing enzymes preventive role of these flavonoids is due to a variety of constituents including numerous photochemical including flavonoids. Thus it is possible that flavonoids also contribute to the cyto-protective effect to normal cell.
The holistic therapeutic effect of medical antioxidants which can be given through oral route may be observed as they can display their first antioxidant defense in digestive tract by limiting reactive oxygen species formation and scavenging them and may impart anti-ulcer activity. Further once absorbed, either as aglycons or glycosides or to a larger extent as phenolic acids, they continue to exert antioxidant effect along with other systemic activities. One of the main purposes of antioxidant therapy is to reduce target site inflammation induced by oxidative stress. Antioxidants are ubiquitous in natural medicinal plants. The great variation in their magnitude as well as multitude at activities may even become more important for protective effects in situations. Whereas free radial species are not directly involved in the disease process, but may participate or foster the secondary events.

Adaptogen Effect

The term “adaptive” is used to discuss a group of plants that have the
ability to increase resistance of the body to a wide range of chemical,
physical, psychological and biological factors, (stressors). Any substance
which exerts effect on both sick and healthy individuals by correcting any
dysfunction without producing unwanted side effects can be called as
adaptogen. Unique ability to switch from stimulating to sedating effects based
on the body needs. Body increase physical performance and enhance mental
function. Adaptogen works with the stress system (a function of the neuroendocrine immune complex), bio-chemical activators of the stress response  (nitric oxide, catecholamine such as epinephrine and dopamine) and inhibitors of the stress response (corticosteroids, prostaglandin-E2). There should be equilibrium among these bio-chemicals in order for the organism to achieve homeostasis or balance of all body system and functions.
Pharmacological study on animals revealed an increase in physical working capacity along with the stress protective effects to variety of potentially harmful factors including heat and irradiation. Adaptogen also have antioxidant activity and established as to improved stamina and especially for stressful conditions, fatigue and recovery from illness.

Anabolic Activity :

The drugs which give strength to the body and stamina to the person is
called as balya (Cha.Su. 4/7, Gangadhara Comm.).The balya property of
certain drugs are selective in nature and they strengthen certain or all the
Dhatu of the body.
The Balya property is dependent on the satvika Guna. The Mahabhautika predominance of Balya drugs is Prithvi and Jala. They are of Madhura Rasa predominant having Guru, Snigdha, Manda Sthira Guna and are usually kaphavardhaka in nature.
The brihana effect though may not have equivalent term in the modern medical paralance it can be equated with drugs producing anabolic effect. Anabolic drugs promote body growth though several mechanism for proper body growth provision of optimum nutrition is essential many a times there may be conditions in which the nutrition provided may be sub optimum
which interfere with the optimum utility of the nutrients provided. In such
condition perhaps drugs in the Rasayana avaleha would be helpful with their
anabolic activity and body weight gain is an important index of anabolic

Immuno modulator :

Immuno-modulation or immuno potentiatio is a phenomenon in which
enhance of the resistance against the in vading organisms responsible for
diseases are seen Immunomodulatory substances of warying chemical
structures and molecular sized in Rasayana drugs, which exert that effect by
modulating several facts of the immune system such as activiation of
macrophages for enhanced generation, oxygen radical and stimulation of
cytotoxic activity and phagocytosis, proliferation or lymphocytes leading to
production and cytotoxic induction of T helper and natural killer cell and
activiation of complement pathway Immuno-stimulant after promise in
enhcencing antigen specific and non specific immune response in normal cell
injury during radiotherapy or cytotoxic chemotherapeutic medication and
potentiating the efficacy of drugs immuno compromised host much more
could been achieved by Indian scientist in the field of Rasayana therapy.

Cytoprotection :

In the modern science cyto-protection explains as proteins, are present
in body in two different fractions.
(1) Tissue proteins
(2) Plasma Proteins
It is the tissue proteins which are responsible for forming different
tissues and thus for the building up of the body plasma proteins constituting
globulins which are responsible for the body immunity. Rasayana drugs correct dhatu vyapara it will leads to protection of tissue proteins. It was well known to Ayurvedic physicians that the delicate cellular machinary of the body suffers from trauma (stress) resulting in wear and tear of different body structures and deterioration of the functioinal capacity of human being for cytoprotection procedures of revitalization and rejuvenation were adopted to increase the power of resistance to disease.

"Capable of enhancing mental function"
(William white et.al.1998)
Noos (mind) and tropein (turn),
"Acting on the mind"
It is an established fact that an average adult man uses only a fraction
of their total mental faculties. (No gender bias intended). It would indeed be a
scinitific break through to have natural and safe products that could help us
utilize our mind to the fullest extent. The few of the main features of a
nootropic drug include enhanced learning, increase resistence to agents that
tend to impair this process. It enhances general resistance of the brain
particularly to physical and chemical injuries. Drugs with nootropic activity
were characterized for the first time and an original hypothesis of their CNS
harmonizing and optimizing action was developed. (William White et.al.1998,
Indian plants with nootropic activity).

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