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How To Heal Your Energy

How To Heal Your Energy

In ancient Indian spiritual lineage has many powers like quantum physics, healing, meditation, chakras, Ayurveda. But main part is energy healing

how to heal your energy.

Why energy healing is most important ?

  1. In ancient Indian knowledge wisdom and empowerment of curing was very well practiced healing is a inbuilt phenomena every human being has approx 55 trillion cells and every human being is not a single individual. Every human being is a community of 55 trillion cells and cells are not the dead being they are living beings and as per natures law every living beings has its own memory that’s why every cell has the mind of its own that means 55 trillion minds working with in our body and there is a super computer who controlling the 55 trillion cells which is cosmic energy.
  2. When our intracellular energy affected by negative energy or black energy then lots of miss happening happens with us and this negative energy creates many physical, mental, emotional, problems ( in our life) to relive this negative energy , energy healing is most important.
  3. When physical body has any disease this disease will also in etheric body when you treat your physical body,Body disease or you operate and remove your cancer Dr. Suggest regular visit after operation to check residual effects of that means the disease is remains in etheric body and it will recurrent in physical body and when you treat disease at etheric level there must not be disease that’s why energy healing is important.
  4. Every human being has a electromagnetic field and we run through electricity and seven chakras managing this electricity and when body consciousness is very low then the electromagnetic field get affected. To manage and regulate this electromagnetic field we need energy healing.
  5. Lots of DNAs are slipping in human body and these DNAs having lots of powers. When we activating these DNA’s we will get number of super powers.

  • Hypnosis,
  • Telepathy, Teleportation, 
  • Controlling nature 
  • Diagnose physical or mental problem 
  • Treatment without medicine 
  • Past life regression 
       these are some examples of DNA activation and DNA activation happens with energy healing.

6. Every were in the world there is negative energy and it is widely      affecting to the community’s and for survival of human being           mass energy healing is most important.

7. Energy healing will protects communities from jealousy, hatred,      cruelty. when community’s will feel peas fullness and happiness      then there will be no more jealous, hatred, cruelty and no more         white, black skin issue and no more domination.

Symptoms Of Disturbed Energy

  • Cash Do Not Flow Easily, Unpaid Bills Start To Pile And You Do Not Know Where Your Money Is Going. Getting A Stagnation In Our Prosperity Is A Sign That The Path To Growth Is Blocked Even When We Are Earning Enough Money

  • You Feel Tired, Exhausted And You Get Frustrated Easily. You Experience Up And Downs Like A Rollercoaster And You Feel Bad About Yourself. Usually, We Still Feel Exhausted After A Good’s Night Rest And With A Balanced Diet. 

    • You Feel Stressed And Unable To Cope With Every Day Activities, While Before Everything Was Fine.
    • You Are More Prone To Infections Than Normal And You Start Getting Sick More Often. Signs Of A Low Immune System Topped Up With Stress.

      • Communication Is Affected, People Seem To Not Being Able To Understand You And You Feel That You Don’t Understand Others.

        • You Find Difficult To Care For Yourself And You Cannot Find Any Time For Yourself.

          • Your Sleep Pattern Is Affected With Strange Dreams And Nightmares. Your Subconscious Mind Tries To Alert You That Something Is Not Right.

            • Negative Thoughts And Emotions Seem To Surface Every Time You Are Trying To Relax. What Is Worse Is That The More You Try To Stop Them The More Resistant They Become.

              • Losing Keys, Money, Wallets, Clothes Etc And Having A Difficult Time To Find Them, Even Though Most Of The Time They Are Around You And Quite Visible.

                Feel unable to concentrate as your mind tends to focus on random things while you experience a feeling of emptiness.

                • Mental problems
                • Sadness
                • Angryness
                • Psychosomatic diseases
                • Some skin problems
                • Depression
                • Phobia
                • Unsuccessful
                • Chronic diseases
                • Disturbed GIT
                  If you are suffering from these problems if you are observing these symptoms please tell us we are having all energy healing solutions we can teach you about how to heal yourself and get prosperity and in your life

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